Thursday, September 4, 2014


PM News August 28, 2014
 We are once again The Best Program on the Planet!

We have finished with all of the components that dealwith the ability to market with no hesitations at all!
 We have adding many controls whereby we 
simply do a "click fix" if anyone has any kind of mix up.(We have an awesome control panel now! Yeaaaah!)
 We have built a super Mega Program and the put it all
on mega large servers. We can handle millions of members now and can accommodate all of their publishing and marketing needs.
 (The biggest reason for the recent rebuild is that we simply out-grew our previous small servers and had to totally reconstruct it.)
 We welcome and commend the hundreds of new members and rapidly growing teams that are all involved in this newexpansion burst. We can see it exploding all over again now! 
 We have a few new members that are hammering it.
 Some, in only weeks, have amassed hundredsof new members in their teams now! 
 Great Going! 
 We encourage all members, old and new, to readthrough the updated F.A.Q. page for updates.
 ....Get Ready! It's coming!You will be hearing from us almost on a daily basis now!
 Thank You Everyone!Great Teamwork!
 PM Support Team
PM News August 14, 2014

Hey  PM Team!

We want to say "Awesome Job" to everyone!

- hundreds of new members (We welcome you!)

- many members re-activating (who were away a while)

We will announce the Launch Date by the first of September!
("Announced by Sept 1st.")

The Publishing is on!

The Library is on!

The Public eBook Store is on!

The Members are starting their campaigns!

The New Members are starting campaigns!

and ....

Ooops, we almost let out news prematurely about the 
plans for the dating site that is already underway! The
members will be "affiliate owners" of that site! Wow!...
Imagine the earnings potential using that industry!
More to come soon... (already underway)

Are you getting the feeling that you are in the right place
and the right time with the right industry and the right 
people in the right spirit?

We do!

We have some fabulous teams and and super program
and are excited about everything going on now!

Yes, we have had a set back or two during the construction
of this program. Everything has been fixed! Completely!
If anything comes up now, we can fix that too!

Thanks For All Of Your Hard Work!
Let's make PMebooks a Household Word!
Pennymatrix will be the best program in the World!

PM Management Team

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Present Penny Matrix to Friends: for Massive Income

Present Penny Matrix to Friends:  for Massive Income

Heard from ebookie Jun Buan today:  he is ON FIRE for building his Penny Matrix team and said he has been studying the comp plan and has realized that it is one-of-a-kind for recruiters because the 100% matching bonus on EVERYONE YOU REFER is massive income.

And Jun knows what he is talking about:  he is a man of experience in business and marketing.


Also, you match 100% of your personal referrals' matrix earnings!

Sit down with a friend a day, show them your Penny Matrix website, and let them get their own $7 biz. 

To sit down with a friend a day, show them their Penny Matrix website, and let them get their own $7 biz. 

 To sit down with a friend a day, show them their Penny Matrix website, and let them get their own $7 biz. 

Heck!  Kick that ball around a few times and this will be BIGGER THAN SOCCER/FOOTBALL!!!

Makes me want to write a book.  

 Need Help for Presenting to Friends?

Want PM business presentation?  Email


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


NEWS!!  IT'S uuupppp -- still in pre-beta-launch mode but LOOKS EXCITING!

The page (the library page) is up and now we are installing the ebooks. It will take another day or two to complete.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Penny Progress

Progress is being made daily:  check it out (received 2 days ago).

Hey  American   Group Inc 

We are just restarting our email!


This is simply a test email basically so that 
we can test it thoroughly. 

Please do not respond to this email.

We will be updating everyone about twice 
per week starting this week.

Get Ready! It is all about to break wide open now!

Thanks Again,

PM Management Team

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We have started flipping switches and testing.....
The new site will be up soon.....
(Lord willing!)
(...It could still take a few hours though...)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Penny Matrix: NEW SITE NEWS!

Posted 4 hours ago by Penny Matrix
We are within hours of having a new site....!
(It might 24 to 72 hours to flip it all on.)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Progress toward Perfection!

Happy Valentines Day!

We hope all of you Valentines out there, whoever you are and where ever you are, have a Wonderful Valentines Day!

Big News: We will be adding our own debit cards on the site
now when everything is finished on the new server.
(Most everything has been rebuilt - from ground up - and we are finishing up with everything on the new server now.)
We think about 7-9 more days, plus testing (anywhere
from 2-10), is what is needed to finish it all.

We were recently approved for our own cards!
That is terrific! Absolutely Awesome!!

We are still finishing the migration to a much larger server and server system (we will push-button capability of adding more larger servers when finished) which will include a front page (with better graphics but a very similar design), a new back office area (with greater controls and functions and more information and capabilities) and the new, bigger and better bank and, as mentioned, on a much larger server system.

The growth over the last few weeks and months have been nothing short a miracle. Incredible doesn't even describe it!

Thanks Every One Of YOU!