Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We have started flipping switches and testing.....
The new site will be up soon.....
(Lord willing!)
(...It could still take a few hours though...)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Penny Matrix: NEW SITE NEWS!

Posted 4 hours ago by Penny Matrix
We are within hours of having a new site....!
(It might 24 to 72 hours to flip it all on.)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Progress toward Perfection!

Happy Valentines Day!

We hope all of you Valentines out there, whoever you are and where ever you are, have a Wonderful Valentines Day!

Big News: We will be adding our own debit cards on the site
now when everything is finished on the new server.
(Most everything has been rebuilt - from ground up - and we are finishing up with everything on the new server now.)
We think about 7-9 more days, plus testing (anywhere
from 2-10), is what is needed to finish it all.

We were recently approved for our own cards!
That is terrific! Absolutely Awesome!!

We are still finishing the migration to a much larger server and server system (we will push-button capability of adding more larger servers when finished) which will include a front page (with better graphics but a very similar design), a new back office area (with greater controls and functions and more information and capabilities) and the new, bigger and better bank and, as mentioned, on a much larger server system.

The growth over the last few weeks and months have been nothing short a miracle. Incredible doesn't even describe it!

Thanks Every One Of YOU!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Penny Matrix: Small but growing (and paying!)

Hey All Members!

Great work everyone! We are silently growing
like gangbusters. Now, the buzz is: we, PMebooks,
will become a household word within a few years!
(....if not in months!)

Commissions: We have finished with the direct mail.
(That was an enormous job and the last 300 or so mails
will be dropped in the P.O. tonight - in about 3 hours! Yeaaaaaaa!)

If you have selected Pay*pal, we are still pushing them out!
We have an estimated 13 - 16 more man-hours left....
We will be finished late tomorrow or Wed Morning.
Please be patient. Please don't email. It's coming!

If you have the eWallet selected, we need you to
log in and select another method. We were surprised
to find that we could not use them this month. (Our
contract ended but we were under the assumption
that we would go through this month.... but not.)

(Log in and go to Account Settings menu and then
to the Pay Preference menu on the left.)

If you do not select a method of payment your commissions
will remain in the back office (and remain in the "due to pay" status).

We are about to install our new epay system.... coming very soon.
We hope to have it in by next week!

Updates: We have almost totally rebuilt the site and back office area!
We have an incredible new back office coming (almost ready) and
you will love it. It is many new functions and features.

Also, it is connected to several social sites like Fb, Google, etc, and
members will be able to log in using those social site logins also!

We are growing "major fast", everyone, and we thank you all
for all of your hard work and also for your patience with us as
we experience "growing pains" due to the "massive growth"!!!
(Oh, it is UnReal and we keep getting notices of even larger groups starting!)

Thanks Again, Everyone!

Please try to restrain emailing us currently if you can possibly find the answer in
the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Page or if you can
navigate your back office and find the answer. When the new back office is available - in a few days - it may contain the answer for you also.
It will be a much better one for you.

Thanks Once More!

Support Team

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014=the Year for Penny Matrix!

Hey Members! We are finished with the new back office and the new server BUT we have to finish the Administration Page (we didn't realize they have to built a new Admin Page as well....).

That want just a few more days to complete it....
You will Love the new look and the new back office with the new features (and it will load very fast too!)!
We ALREADY love what's coming:  new services, new additions and all set for 2014!
Share your eBook biz with everyone...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Your Fixed Cost of $7/month Returns VAST MULTIPLIED INCOME with eBooks

There are hundreds and hundreds of people who are making 10, 20, 30 and much more TIMES their cost/month by being members of the Penny Matrix eBook of the Month Club.  How?  Here's one reason:


The 2 Ways We Get Paid
1st Commissions Paid on Everyone That Falls Under Your Even Levels of the Matrix

This is a 2x14 forced matrix which is based on 2 people per 1st level matrix. And because of this forced matrix system, if ever you find it hard to recruit people under your direct referral, your matrix will still be filled up by those on your upline level. (...you only need two people to start this)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Brings Ten-fold Increase to Penny Matrix Services!

Starting the New Year with a New Site!!


Important: We are about 60% moved onto our new server. Some items have been disconnected as we finish the move. This will include PM Library, the PM eWallet, the Hits Counter, etc.

Everything will be turned on again very soon. We are being told that Monday is a tentative date for completion of the move! Yeaaaaah!

We Apologize For Any Inconvenience!

(The account at i-Payout is disconnected for security during
this transition onto the new server. Please pardon our construction.
Contact us if you are need help otherwise it should be back up
sometime soon in a few days.)

After the move, (you will love it) we will have a much faster
site, more controls and information in the back office, and very soon a bigger and better PM Library.

This server is a Mega server. Memberships are still exploding!
This is absolutely Incredible as well as heartwarming to see so
many members in earnings now and in so many parts of the world!

Thanks for All of your Team Work and Efforts and Patience.
When we finish it all, it will be 10 times better!

Please hold all questions until Jan 1st. or after.


 It's going to be a GREAT 2014 for the Matrix!  Share the Penny with an ebookie/entrepreneur today!